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Welcome to Adcorp’s new home

We have marked a bold step in the #OneAdcorp journey as we celebrated the opening of our new offices.  Adcorp Place is symbolic of the #OneAdcorp journey as it is a physical gesture of our strategic intent to better serve our clients seamlessly. The idea behind moving all shared service and operational functions into one location is that we can set ourselves up to respond faster to our clients’ changing needs and provide the best workplace solutions. The sheer scale and multi-disciplinary nature of the Adcorp Group means that we have industry experts in various channels. We believe that by connecting the talent in the different areas of our business, we are able to create and deliver innovative, best in class, holistic value to every client, supporting them to achieve their own highest potential.

As much as we expect our new location to change how we respond to clients, creating a compelling shared employee experience was most critical in our consideration on this new office space. We recognise that engaged employees need an inspiring space that provides opportunities to collaborate, innovate and think creatively. The new offices will enable all employees across the Adcorp Group to reap the benefits of an open communication space and to learn and grow rapidly through less formal learning methods from peers and other functions. The design and layout of “neighbourhoods” within the open-plan space provides more opportunity for experts in various channels to connect and co-create solutions. Neighbourhoods will allow the space for employees to interact with each other more fluidly and build a culture of togetherness and high performance, but it also allows for teams to maintain their own character and differences, a much-valued quality in the Adcorp Group. This means that employees can enjoy the sense of identity and belonging experienced in their own teams but still feel like a part of something bigger.

Employee Wellbeing and Engagement are key drivers of business results and we are proud to offer our employees a new space that presents multiple opportunities to leverage different ways of connecting their potential and achieving their aspirations. We look forward to engaging with clients, learners and our multidimensional workforce at Adcorp Place.

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