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Adcorp Announcement: Dear South Africa

A message from Cheryl-Jane Kujenga: Interim CEO on behalf of Adcorp Holdings and it’s leadership team:

“Like most South Africans I listened to our President on Monday night as he made the bold decision to institute a 21-day lockdown in order to prevent the continued spread of COVID19. These are unprecedented times for us all and it is important that we remain calm, encourage one another, and heed the instructions and guidelines set out by the health officials and government authorities.

In everything we do during this crisis, we remain steadfast in our commitment to our core purpose, one that is central to the crisis currently – that is enabling the employability of our fellow South Africans. It is to this end that the leadership team at Adcorp Holdings have taken a decision to provide a discount of up to 30% on our service and commission fees across all new or additional business during the period between now and 30 April 2020.

I would like to reassure all Adcorp clients that our focus is to continue to ensure the health and well-being of everyone in our company and yours. Our commitment is to:

  1. Continue in our endeavour to keep our staff, contractors, assignees, learners as well as our communities safe from infection or supported in the case of infection.
  2. Remain unrelenting in our support of our clients who will be providing essential services during this lockdown period, and those who are enabled for us to work with them from home. We will ensure that we are able to provide you with the workforce and support that ensures we remain present, committed and able to deliver.
  3. Support the continued sustainability of Adcorp through this crisis and after, by remaining client-centric, agile and productive.

The most pressing need is to navigate the current state of determining essential versus non-essential services and the remedies available to employees and employers alike. We have put together a small infographic to assist you with this, with more resources available on our website and our that of our alliance partner Global Business Solutions.

Our commitment


Coronavirus High level way forward


Please reach out to us, if there is anything you wish to discuss.

Let us remain connected, safe and healthy during this time.”

Cheryl-Jane Kujenga
Interim Chief Executive Officer
Adcorp Group

About Adcorp
Across the Group we have a number of end-to-end workplace solutions solving a wide range of business challenges. We search, place, develop, train and manage people for temporary and permanent job opportunities. We also supply people resources on an outsourced basis and manage people-intensive processes on behalf of our clients. Our mission is to build workplaces and careers of the future by transforming the places we work in. We do this by connecting potential.

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