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Disability. Dignity. Diversity.

Disability. Dignity. Diversity.

We all have different strengths. Different limitations. And it’s this diversity that makes us unique and gives us the potential to build a great workplace and company culture.

I Can! knows that diversity is about more than colour, gender, race, and religion.

Diversity is also about giving people with disabilities a fair chance to access education and work opportunities or start their own businesses without fear of discrimination.

Because: diversity is about dignity, equality, and inclusion.

It means accepting and respecting our differences, and leveraging them to build a more qualified, creative, and collaborative workforce.

Introducing I Can!

I Can! has the complete corporate disability solution that your business needs to achieve workforce diversity, by recruiting, training and placing people with disabilities, and conducting sensitisation workshops for all.

Our training solutions give people with disabilities a chance to access education, find work that’s sustainable, and contribute to economic development.

We work closely with businesses to achieve their own, and the government’s, Affirmative Action, Employment Equity, and Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment targets.

Think you can’t? You can, with I Can!

What do we offer?
Our goal at I Can! is to successfully integrate young people with disabilities into the workforce. We achieve this through creative solutions which include training and consulting, and by matching learners with appropriate jobs, in the appropriate workplaces.

Our services include:

  • Recruitment of people with disabilities
  • Disability placement
  • Disability training
  • Learnerships
  • Higher Education
  • Internationally accredited IT solutions
  • Workshops
  • Other exciting projects customised to suit your business needs

Let’s shift the reference point together.
Are you the custodian of talent and learning in your organisation? Are you needing to recruit, upskill and reskill your workforce for demand-led jobs and future roles?

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