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Every HR department in every company is different.

There is no one size fits all when it comes to Human Resources (HR) and the function they should be performing.

Every HR department in every company is different. But, there are some things that every HR department should be doing.

Us vs. them

The us vs. them mentality is a typical stereotype when it comes to an HR role. When HR asks you to come see them, you’re petrified for what’s to come. However, the world is changing with technology and so is HR.

Can robots show emotion?

Automation is being used far more in an HR environment. Systems are being put into place so that HR no longer has to manually focus on time sheets, payroll, time management, leave that is due and making sure that every employee is happy and achieving their results.

With new technology consolidating all your HR system needs, there’s no excuse to do it the traditional way anymore. Think of software that can handle all issues from employee management to internal communications, to producing reports to tracking requests from the business. Managers can access these portals and have a complete overview of their employees and what they are getting up to.  These systems make it easier to maintain everyday issues. Automation can now handle the repetitive and mundane tasks, while the HR department can focus on bigger issues.

Now that you’ve got this tool in place and you’ve streamlined your HR processes, the team can spend valuable time applying their knowledge and expertise on ways to help the company reach its goals. This could include things like development initiatives, incentive programmes to motivate employees, performance-based competitive compensation, rewards programmes, succession plans and more. This is the time to get creative in making sure the workforce is performing at its best.

HR can analyse performance, looking at the bigger picture as a whole. Employees will be motivated to do better, and managers will be more invested in developing their teams. Leadership can take on a more active role in driving this with HR behind them.

The future of HR is exciting.

You see – HR really isn’t so bad. 

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