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Are your Talent Acquisition models stuck in the 80s?

Are your Talent Acquisition models still stuck in the 80s? Are they decentralised where your procurement is done on an adhoc basis and all management is done internally? If the answer is yes, the world of work is changing and you need to as well.

Talent Acquisition models for both permanent and contingent resources have evolved hugely over the past 40 years yet we still see some businesses attached to old models. Today’s environment comes with a lot of challenges.

By innovating talent management processes we currently are working with Total Talent Management solutions that combine the best of both worlds (payrolled) Recruitment Process Outsourcing (“RPO”) solutions and (non-payrolled) Contingent Worker and Services Procurement Managed Service Provider (“MSP”) solutions. Are you familiar with these terms?

Below is a model showing the maturity in the talent management chart:

talent management chart

We have taken our clients’ talent management programs to the next level where we are now firmly in the domain of optimising their full resource mix. Digital resources (bots) are now entrenched in the resourcing ecosystem. The adoption of these digital resources ensures that all robust and holistic talent management/resource optimisation programs need to be designed incorporating an operating model that sets the firm up for success.  We do this through the full resource management lifecycle. These are:

  • Payrolled resources
  • Off-payroll resources
  • Time and materials resources and Statement of Work
  • Fixed-deliverables-based
  • Managed Services resource

You’ve worked diligently to enhance your business to set you up for future success. Now’s the time to make sure your Talent Acquisition programs are doing the same and preparing you to thrive in the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Join the evolution for success
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