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Four benefits of a clean workplace

For those of us running a business, the cleanliness of the workplace is probably not at the top of the priority list but having a clean and healthy office space is more important than we may realise. This has become ever more evident with the Coronavirus pandemic affecting people and workplaces across the world.

When meeting a new client for the first time or heading to an important meeting or an interview we endeavor to put our best foot forward. Think of your workplace in the same light. It is your first impression and the cleanliness of your office could be seen as a direct reflection of how the business operates.

Here are four benefits to hiring a cleaning service to keep your workplace clean:

Improved air quality and health of staff and visitors

Did you know that the number of airborne pollutants in an office environment is up to 100 times greater than it is outdoors? Carpets, surfaces and office furniture collect dust over time which can cause poor air quality the longer it’s left unchecked. In addition, investing in some good air-filtering plants is a good idea too. Keeping a clean and hygienic working environment reduces absenteeism and lost productivity hours.

On top of this, a good cleaning service ensures that high touch areas like doorknobs, keyboards, appliances, and trash cans are disinfected and sanitized reducing the spread of germs.

With the Coronavirus outbreak, it has never been more important to ensure the highest sanitation standards considering that it spreads through bodily fluids (think someone sneezing into their hand and touching a surface) and can live outside the body for up to 72 hours.

A great first impression

In the mind of the average customer, a clean and tidy working environment implies quality and professionalism. Keeping your workplace clean shows that you take pride in your facility, value your employee’s health and safety and care about creating a great customer experience. It can even be a fantastic marketing tool. Potential customers will 100% be judging your brand on the way your office space looks, and that includes their impression of your products and services.

Productivity and brand sentiment

Your employees are on your front lines and are a direct reflection of your brand and business. We spend so much of our lives at work, it’s practically a second home. By keeping it clean and tidy, you are giving them an environment that fosters productivity and efficiency. In addition, there are many, many studies that have shown how drastically productivity drops if a workplace is messy and unclean. Not to mention the knock it would take if your staff can’t work from home during Coronavirus quarantine periods. The rule of thumb is happy, healthy employees make for happy customers.


A messy environment can cause a number of hazards to go unnoticed by employees until a real emergency. For example, equipment or boxes left along emergency exit routes could slow your employees down in the event of a fire. Things like old cardboard boxes or paper lying around could pose a fire hazard. Certain chemicals need to be handled with care. The list goes on.

A professional cleaning service will likely have specialized training on workplace health and safety regulations to make sure that your environment is compliant and safe, which you guessed it, includes remaining up to date on regulations and requirements for situations like the Coronavirus outbreak.

It is a mistake to view a clean workplace as anything other than an investment. When you look at the correlation between proper cleaning, absenteeism, performance, customer satisfaction and spending, the value of a cleaning service is a no brainer.

Ready to invest in your workplace?

Adcorp Outsourcing presents Capability Cleaning; more than just a cleaning services provider. A B-BBEE-accredited, full-service outsourcing cleaning provider that forms part of the global Adcorp workplace solutions group. We offer customised, flexible solutions and specialist knowledge that your business needs to pass compliance audits, increase site hygiene, and reduce operational costs.

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