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Adcorp presents Sihle’s Brew bonus feature: Sihle’s insights

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What advice would you give to other young entrepreneurs starting out?

“All the youth, they need to do what they love first. Find your passion. Once you find your passion, it’s easy to work in any environment. Make sure that you do a lot of research and study whenever you can. You can have the passion and start your business, but if you can’t turn the company into a profitable venture, it’s not a sustainable dream.”

What advice would you give your younger self when you started the business?

“You can’t be an absent CEO. You need to work within the company to find the weak points in your business. Don’t rush into quick money or quick wins, play the long game. Work hard to find the do’s and don’ts in your sector and always watch your competition to see if you can learn from them and do things better.”

What do you think more people should know about coffee?

“Our concept at heart is a healthy lifestyle. What you put into your body affects your life, and your brain function. We believe that if you eat healthy, your mind is enhanced and you will live a longer life. There’s actually a study that shows how coffee correlates to a longer lifespan.

You get important amino acids and malic acid from coffee that enhances your memory while you are working or studying and it improves gut function as well. Recent regulations have been put in place to make sure that chicory can’t be labelled coffee anymore if it’s not 75% real, natural coffee. Did you know that the chemicals used in chicory can cause hypertension and heart disease over time?”

Has there ever been a better reason to reach for your morning cup? Be sure to reach for Sihle’s Brew when you visit Adcorp Place and support an amazing young entrepreneur. We can assure you, the coffee is as incredible as the man behind the brand.

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