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Conversations with Adcorp

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Artisan Critical Skills

Artisan Trades as Critical Skills in South Africa

Bruce Toerien, Managing Director of Adcorp Group Training and Mr. Johan Prinsloo, ATT Operations Executive discuss the need for artisans in South Africa as critical skills as well as the highest in demand trades currently.

Artisan Disabilities

Artisans with Disabilities in South Africa

Ricky White (ATT Centre Manager), Madre Van Der Merwe (Senior Manager of operations at Adcorp PMI) and guests Simon Manda (Managing Editor of ThisAbility Magazine) and Sibusiso Mogale, a disabled farmer and founder of Sibusiso Mogale Production (Pty) Ltd discuss opportunities for disabled individuals in South Africa to become successful artisans.

Negative Perceptions

Addressing the Negative Perceptions of Trade Work in South Africa

Adcorp Group’s CEO, Dr  John Wentzel, and guest Mr. Geoffrey Kemper, Training Director of Motheo Group, share insights into the negative perceptions of artisan and trade work in South Africa as well as the three most important things we can do as a community to change them.

Female Artisans

Including Female Artisans In South Africa

Adcorp Group’s CEO, Dr  John Wentzel, and guest Dr. Sean Jones, CEO of Artisan Training Institute discuss the issues and historical policies around inclusion of females in trade and engineering roles and what we can do to change it.

NDP 2030

National Development Plan 2030 & Adcorp’s Role

Adcorp Group’s CEO, Dr John Wentzel, talks about the National Development Plan with specific regard to the need to increase the number of qualified artisans in South Africa and Adcorp Group’s thought leadership role.

Changing The Culture

Changing The Culture of Remote Work In Africa

Adcorp Group Training MD. Bruce Toerien. and guests Jacob Mogale of Adcorp and Stephen Mboroto discuss how the recent global economic climate has shifted the culture of remote working and expanded global employment opportunities.

Policies to Consider

Employment Policies To Consider When Hiring Remote Workers In Africa

Adcorp Group CEO, Dr. John Wentzel, and Jackie Jhala, Partner at Corpus Legal in Zambia, discuss the central issues surrounding employment and legalities between global organisations and local African remote workforce.

Expanding into Africa

Challenges international companies should prepare for when expanding into Africa

Adcorp Group Training MD, Bruce Toerien, and guest Jacob Mogale talk about the challenges international companies should prepare for when expanding into Africa and integrating international and local employment policies.

Employable Skills in Africa

High Level Employable Skills In Africa

Adcorp Group CEO, Dr. John Wentzel, shares his insights on the high level employable skills in Africa and how they compare to international skills, standard and costs.

Hiring workforce in Africa

Legal Policies To Consider When Hiring Workforce In Africa

Adcorp Group CEO, Dr. John Wentzel, and guests Jackie Jhala (Partner at Corpus Legal in Zambia) and Rosemary Nyamboke (HR Professional and author at Motivation Africa in Nigeria) discuss how remote working has opened international employment opportunities for both employer and employee and the policies surrounding inter-continent employment.

Hiring in Africa

Message To International Companies Hiring In Africa

Adcorp Group Training MD, Bruce Toerien, sends a message to international companies who are looking to expand and hire workforce in Africa and highlights the benefits of working through a professional agency to assist with the process.


Our 5 Core Values

Listen our CEO, Dr John Wentzel, discuss the importance of the Adcorp Group’s new core values with our Chief People Officer, Vinolia Singh.


All things vaccination 2021

Listen to our CEO, Dr John Wentzel, as he discusses all things vaccination and how it relates to Adcorp Group.

Interim Results

Interim Results as at 31 August 2021

Listen to our Interim Results presentation, as presented by our CEO, Dr. John Wentzel.

  • A Brief overview of our results


“Purpose is an intention or aim, a reason for doing something or for allowing something to happen” – Oxford Dictionary.

At it’s core: Intention, Action and Outcome

  • Why it’s important
  • How it links to strategy and values
  • What Adcorp’s purpose is

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