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Trading Statement, Operational Update & Results Presentation

(Incorporated in the Republic of South Africa)
Registration number: 1974/001804/06
Share code: ADR & ISIN: ZAE000000139
(“Adcorp” or “the Group“)


In terms of paragraph 3.4(b) of the JSE Limited Listings Requirements, a listed company is required to publish a trading statement as soon as it becomes reasonably certain that the financial results for the period to be reported on next will differ by at least 20% from the financial results for the previous corresponding period.

The Company hereby advises that a reasonable degree of certainty exists that for the year ended 28 February 2023 (“Reporting Period”):

  • Revenue will increase by between 5.2% and 7.7% when compared to the revenue reported for the year ended 28 February 2022 (“comparative period”)*;
  • Gross profit will increase by between 4.9% and 7.4% when compared to the gross profit reported for the comparative period*;
  • Headline earnings per share (“HEPS”) from continuing operations will be between 137.8 cents and 157.8 cents, representing an increase of between 38% and 58% compared to HEPS from continuing operations of 99.7 cents reported for the comparative period*;
  • Earnings per share (“EPS”) from continuing operations will be between 105.1 cents and 124.3 cents, representing a decrease of between 9% and 29% compared to EPS from continuing operations of 96.3 cents reported for the comparative period; EPS is expected to be lower than HEPS due to an impairment of goodwill in one of Group’s subsidiaries*;
  • As a result of exceptional losses, that are non-recurring in nature, experienced in allaboutXpert Australia Pty Ltd (“aaX”), which has been classified as a discontinued operation for the Reporting Period:
  • HEPS from total operations will be between 51.2 cents and 71.0 cents, representing a decrease of between 29% and 49% compared to HEPS of 99.4 cents reported for the comparative period; and
  • EPS from total operations will be between 26.4 cents and 48.2 cents, representing a decrease of between 56% and 76% compared to EPS of 109.1 cents reported for the comparative period;
  • As at 28 February 2023, Adcorp was in a net cash (excluding restricted cash) position of R312 million (FY22: R198 million). Both the South African and Australian businesses were in a net cash position.

The results for the Reporting Period have been impacted by:

  • Considerable contract losses at aaX, a subsidiary of Adcorp Holdings Australia, ultimately held by Adcorp, which required extensive investment to remediate. Shareholders are referred to the announcement of 14 December 2022 that details aaX being placed in voluntary administration on 12 December 2022.
  • Impairment of goodwill and certain positive non-recurring tax adjustments.

*Restated – prior year results adjusted for discontinued operations



Business Overview:

Adcorp has continued executing its brand centric strategy, which includes a decentralised operating model that has enabled more efficient and effective operations. The Group has re-focused itself on workforce recruiting and  workforce outsourcing. The Group has commenced optimising its portfolio per the strategy and has closed or revived several brands. Additionally, Adcorp has made steps to expand its reach and enter new channels to market by acquiring a platform business. These actions have allowed Adcorp better to serve the needs of its clients and customers and to improve the quality of its offerings.


Market Conditions:

Adcorp has experienced a mixed market environment during the reporting period, with challenges in the South African market and opportunities in the Australian market.

Low economic growth in South Africa has dampened demand for Adcorp’s services, compounded by high unemployment and low labour absorption rates that continue to bedevil the economy. Persistently high levels of load shedding have further impacted operations at both Adcorp and its clients and have posed challenges to the business. In addition, high inflation has put pressure on input costs.

Despite these challenges, Adcorp has been able to leverage opportunities in other markets, particularly in Australia. The Australian operations have benefited from continued growth in the economy, with record low unemployment rates and strong demand for labour driving positive results. The company’s investments in driving growth in Australia have also yielded positive outcomes, contributing to the overall financial performance of the Group.


Operational Performance:

Adcorp has made significant progress in executing its operational strategy during the reporting period, resulting in key achievements that are driving growth and improving the group’s financial performance. Employee engagement has risen significantly, and morale has lifted, contributing to a more productive workforce. This was driven by a focus on employee development and recognition, as well as improvements in workplace culture and communication.

Adcorp’s focus on customer centricity has delivered record high levels of customer satisfaction, resulting in increased loyalty and retention. Investments in customer service and delivery have contributed to this success.  Several of the group’s brands have won awards in their categories, reflecting the success of Adcorp’s refocused marketing efforts. This has resulted in increased brand recognition and awareness.

Adcorp’s balance sheet remains ungeared, providing financial stability during the current high interest rate cycle. A focus on cash management has resulted in a strong net cash position, allowing the company to invest in growth and innovation. Overall, Adcorp’s operational excellence and focus on employee engagement, customer centricity, and brand recognition has yielded positive results, driving growth and improving the group’s financial performance.

Operationally, the group has weathered the market difficulties it has faced, maintained its strong balance sheet and cash generation, and is well-placed to deal with any challenges in the market while having the ability to seize opportunities as they arise.

The financial information on which this trading statement is based has not been reviewed or reported on by the auditors of the Company.

The audited results for the year ended 28 February 2023 are expected to be published on Monday, 29 May 2023.



The results presentation will take place electronically on Monday, 29 May 2023, at 10:00.

Should you be interested in attending please contact and a webcast link will be provided.

Kindly note that a question and answer session will be available at the end of the presentation.



22 May 2023



Valeo Capital (Pty) Ltd

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