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Distribution of circular and notice of general meeting


(Incorporated in the Republic of South Africa)

Registration number: 1974/001804/06

Share code: ADR & ISIN: ZAE000000139

(“Adcorp” or “the Group“)



Shareholders are referred to the Category 1 disposal and withdrawal of cautionary announcement dated 1 December 2020 released on SENS whereby Adcorp, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Adcorp Workforce Solutions Proprietary Limited (“AWS”), entered into an agreement in terms of which, AWS will sell 100% of the issued shares in ASS (“Disposal”).



A circular (“Circular”), detailing the Disposal, will be distributed to shareholders today, Monday, 1 March 2020. The Circular also incorporates a notice convening a general meeting of shareholders (“General Meeting”) for the purpose of considering, and, if deemed fit, passing, with or without modification, the resolutions contained in such notice.


Notice is hereby given that the General Meeting will be held electronically at 10h00 on Tuesday, 30 March 2021, to consider and, if deemed fit, to pass, with or without modification, the requisite resolutions required for the Disposal.


The Circular is available in English only. Copies may be obtained during normal business hours from the registered office of the Company and from the offices of the Company’s sponsor, PSG Capital, from Monday, 1 March 2021 until Tuesday, 30 March 2021 (both days inclusive). A copy of the Circular will also be available on the Company’s website (



Shareholders are referred to the table below setting out important dates and times in relation to the General Meeting and the Disposal.


Record date in order to be eligible to receive the Circular, including the Notice of General Meeting Friday, 19 February
Circular distributed to Shareholders on Monday, 1 March

Announcement providing salient dates, advising of the distribution of the Circular and giving the date and place of the General Meeting released on SENS on


Monday, 1 March

Last day to trade in Shares in order to be eligible to attend, participate in and vote at the General Meeting Tuesday, 16 March

General Meeting record date in order to be eligible to attend, participate in and vote at the General Meeting


Friday, 19 March


For administrative purposes, last day for receipt of Forms of Proxy in respect of the General Meeting by 10:00 on


Friday, 26 March


Forms of Proxy not lodged with the Transfer Secretaries to be handed to the chairperson of the General Meeting, at any time before the proxy exercises any rights of the Shareholders at the General Meeting


Tuesday, 30 March


General Meeting of Shareholders to be held at 10:00 on


Tuesday, 30 March


Results of General Meeting released on SENS on


Tuesday, 30 March

1.           All of the above dates and times are subject to change. Any changes made will be notified to Shareholders on SENS.

2.           Shareholders should note that, as transactions in shares are settled in the electronic settlement system used by Strate, settlement of trades takes place three Business Days after such trade. Therefore, persons who acquire Shares after the last day to trade in order to be eligible to vote at the General Meeting, namely, Tuesday, 16 March 2021, will not be able to vote thereat.

3.           If the General Meeting is adjourned or postponed, Forms of Proxy submitted for the initial General Meeting will remain valid in respect of any such adjournment or postponement.

4.           All times given in the Circular are local times in South Africa.


Click here to view Adcorp Shareholder Circular 01.03.2021



1 March 2021


Sponsor and Transaction Adviser

PSG Capital

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