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​​​​As a leader in workforce management for over 40 years, Adcorp has a comprehensive understanding of requirements and business needs across all industry sectors in which it operate in.​ Established in 1975 and through the network of Adcorp group of companies we have assisted organisations globally to match the right candidate with the right skill​sets to the best employer in various industry sectors. ​

Industry sectors include :

​•    Mining and Mineral ​

​​•    Oil and gas

​•    Construction

​•    ​Forestry and paper

​•    ​Chemicals

​•    ​Healthcare

​•    ​Hospitality and leisure

​•    ​Logistics

​•    FMCG

​•    Steel and other metals

​•    Food processors and producers

​•     ​Beverages

​•     ​Pharmaceuticals

​•     ​Personal and household care

​•    General retail

​•    Banking and finance

​•    ​Transport

​•    Telecoms

​•    Humanitarian

​•     ​Support services

​•    ​IT and technology

​•    Media

​•    Government​