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Group Sustainability Policy


Our sustainability policy guides all Adcorp group companies in an effort to curb environmental degradation. The Group recognises that it cannot operate in isolation from the impacts of societal trends and events. It has embraced each area of sustainability not only in line with compliance requirements of the Global Reporting Index but to encourage a shift in mind set that will ultimately create business value and retain the trust and confidence of the Group's stakeholders.

​Adcorp's approach to sustainability reporting is a journey and not a diversion from its core commercial activity of creating shareholder value. In this regard the strategic priorities have largely been focused within the financial and socio-economic areas of sustainable development given the current market conditions.

·         Board accountability – The Adcorp Board of Directors are accountable for the Group's sustainability performance.

·         Risks and opportunities – A key aspect of sustainability management at Adcorp is the identification and mitigation of risks which                             may enhance longterm shareholder value while fulfilling its broader economic, social and environmental responsibilities.     

​​·         Management systems  –  Regular audits of management systems and programmes ensure Adcorp's sustainability policy is 

          implemented and remains effective.

·         Performance monitoring and reporting  – Adcorp's aim is to obtain external assurance and report publicly to stakeholders.

​·         Engaging stakeholders  – Adcorp establishes and maintains constructive, proactive and informed relationships with all stakeholders 

          across the Group

​​It is Adcorp’s ambition to become a leading industry initiator in carbon offsetting. The Group a is committed to measuring, reporting and reducing carbon emissions by offering diverse logical solutions enterprise wide that facilitate workforce optimisation and unlock optimum client benefits to promote greater environmental responsibility. ​​